since I haven't written at all this pregnancy I figured that maybe I should do a little updating.  my poor kids, im already starting that thing where you get just a little more lax about things with each pregnancy...  I wrote all the time when I was pregnant with ashe, then significantly less with fin, and poor isla got like three entries.  maybe they'll never know about my blogs because blogs will be so out by the time they get old enough to care about such things.

so this pregnancy has been much like the other two, a lot of vomiting and peeing on myself at inopportune times.  massive boobies, back pain, constipation.  ha!  that sounded like it could've been the beginning of a pregnancy version of the commercial for pepto...

and of course my child is not growing right...  but since its happened twice before I think ive kept pretty calm about it this time around.  we did the weekly ultrasounds for awhile and the bpp's, or biophysical profile to check on her and all seems fine other than shes tiny and her noggin is even tinier.  im just hoping shell be like ashey and once shes out everything will catch up and shell get back on track.  if not then I guess ill have two children that see neuro for a bit...  we will see.

oh, her name is isla for anyone that doesn't know...  and just fer yer fyi (beauty shop quote) its pronounced eye-la. 

hmm...  I guess that's it.  shell be here Friday, if she doesn't come before then, but since I make the most stubborn babies of life, im fairly positive shell wait until Friday until shes forced out.  ok that's it for now.  id like to say that I will totally update next week with pics of the newest addition, but we all know id probably be lying, three children = no time for things.  you might see a picture of her when shes five.  maybe...


whine town.

I feel awful. 


this post is going to be very complainy...
I truly feel awful, and ive felt this way for at least the past month.  I am really tired of it.  what started as a regular old sinus infection, kinda got better with some antibiotics, then came back with some allergy fun has turned into the longest worst sinus infection of life. 

I actually had an almost two week long vacay from vomit town...  then the sinuses had to get all fired up and im back in my old throw up everyday routine.  and I hate it.

im so tired from trying to sleep only to lay awake with coughing fits every ten minutes which lead to gross mucus, which in turn leads to vomit.  I don't think I slept more than three hours last night, I spent the majority of the night in the bathroom, either throwing up, or showering because all of my violent voms led me to pee all over myself.  I also may have actually pulled a muscle from coughing so hard.  who does that?!

and then theres all the pregnancy stuff that of course is still going on...  I had some crazy hip pain for awhile that was making it super hard to walk.  luckily after starting some yoga stretching and being a bit more vigilant in the positions that im sitting and sleeping, the hip pain has mostly gone away.  but I am still really crampy...  although yesterdays diagnosis of placenta previa kinda explains that one...

I just wish I was like 36 weeks instead of 19 weeks and 6 days.  and that my body would act right.  yeah, im talking to you reproductive system...


the single sock mingle.

ok so this isn't really pregnancy related, unless you wanna say that it stems from a weirdly early case of nesting spawned by nice weather over the weekend, but that may be stretching it a bit...

I decided for no other reason than I was sick of the mess, to absolutely clean up our bedroom which seems to be a catch all for everything that no one has any idea of where it should go...  I went through the closet and got clothes together to donate, I actually moved furniture to vacuum underneath (totally not a k.roof move by the way...) I dusted, put away the 357 articles of clothing left behind by my two toddlers that believe that my bedroom is their second room, and got down on my hands and knees and cleaned spots on the carpet.  I know, im a rockstar.  ha ha, isn't it sad that I am totally giving myself props for regular cleaning?..  ive just been feeling so sick that other things have been highly neglected.

so in my mad woman cleaning, i was forced to at the very least acknowledge laundry mountain that is the newest attraction in my basement.  and the only positive spin i can put on it is that is clean, of course i have a couple loads down there that need to be washed, but the mountain itself is clean and just waiting, wrinkles settled in, to be folded and carried up to the third floor to be put away in its rightful place.  i just hate carrying the laundry up.  i truly hate it.  and id like to blame it on pregnancy, but i hate it even when im not pregnant.  ill wash and fold laundry all day long, doesn't bother me a bit...  but carrying it all the way upstairs, ugh...  hate.  but im getting off topic...  in my acknowledgement of said mountain, i looked at the pile of socks sadly waiting to mated with their partner.  and then that made me think of the 'sock bag.'

do you have a sock bag?  or a 'sock basket' as we had growing up...  you know, a place where all the single socks go to mingle until their long lost soul mate decide to show up, maybe he was lost in the dryer, maybe she fell behind the dresser, maybe they got a hole and were thrown away leaving their friend behind to a lonely life of solitude in the sock bag. 

so i start thinking of our sock bag which is really just a reusable recycled bag that holds all the singles, and i was wondering if that was normal or if i just think its normal because i had a version of this growing up... i mean, like what do you guys do with those socks?  and then i started wondering about what other weird things im doing that my children will one day do thinking its totally normal and maybe its not at all...  im sure there are plenty...  poor kids.


my boobs hurt.

my boobs hurt. 

I threw up three times this morning before work.  each time I threw up, I peed a little bit.  after three voms and three pees, I definitely had to rush around like a crazy person to take a shower before I went to school smelling like a urination station. 

now im cleaning out my pantry.  I found the wheat thins I asked the hubs to pick up.  he got me the no salt kind.  who eats wheat thins with no salt? certainly not this overly picky pregnant lady. whats he tryin to say...  are my salt intake levels a bit high for his liking?  am I looking a bit puffy? 

back to the boobs.  apparently they are their own entity.  there has been much discussion about them since I recently posted my 12 week pregs pic.  im attempting to upload said picture now, but twice it has frozen my computer.  either my girls are that epic that the internets cant handle them, or BlogSpot is having some sort of issue with the uploader...  anyway, they hurt.  already.  i really don't remember them hurting this early on, I know later on they got painful, but...  ok, so you know when you have one of those super long days where you leave the house before 7 and you don't actually sit down to relax until 8 that night and you are finally able to unleash the fury of your breasticles and it is like the best. feeling. ever.  you know what im talking about, right?  or when your hair has been in a pony all day and you take it down and your head says 'ahhhhhhh....'  ok.  well that absolutely does not happen anymore.  these things are so heavy that the wire of my massive bra digs into ribs all day, I take it off and the ribs are pleased with the situation, but the now unsupported weight of the boobies is so painful...  and now im getting stabbing pains in one of them.  ughhh... 

and I don't have salted wheat thins.


its that time again...

alright my little kidlets...  you know what time it is...

that's right, its k roof overshare time!  which also means if you haven't figured it out by now that kraby #3 is on his or her way.  I know, crazy town...  sometimes we still cant believe we've boarded this roller coaster for a third time!

ok, to catch some of you up, ive ignored this blog for awhile and created another to follow all of our ups and downs with finny issues, you can check that out at the happy happy baby.  and if you happen to go back into the archives of this particular blog, you will find there are some odd names, I went through a phase where I felt the need to protect my childrens identities and changed names, clearly im over that and im far too lazy to go back and change everything...  youll figure out whos who. im not a total jerk though, im over the identity thing because I fully intend to exploit the internet and my childrens cuteness to bring awareness to finnys disease, if everyone in the entire country knew my childrens names and what duchenne muscular dystrophy is all about, I would be a happy mom.  awareness = research = a cure.

ok, back to new baby. 

its Christmastime.  my mother in law is in town.  we normally have at least a few late evenings drinking a little too much wine, chatting, and catching up on all that we have missed...  but this visit was different, I was far too tired to stay up much later than 8, but I brushed it off to having sick kids, craziness at work, stressing about Christmas...  fast forward a bit, the day she leaves I hug her and apologize for my lameness the previous week, she then makes a comment about the possibility of me being pregnant.  up to that point it had not even slightly crossed my mind that that could be what was going on...  if you remember, both of my other children are products of fertility meds, and numerous blood tests that told me that I just DO NOT ovulate...   

the eve of Christmas eve.  the hubs and I run out to pick up a few last minute things for the boys stockings, so while were at target, I sneakily slip a pregnancy test into the cart.  by the time we get home, its about 11 pm, and you know what they say, the first morning pee is where its at as far as pregnancy tests go and the detection of hormones...  but we all know there is no way I could have a pee test in my hot little hands and not pee on it.  so I peed on that stick while the rest of my house was asleep, and while I fully expected to see just a single sad lonely line, there was part of me that was a little excited at the thought that maybe I was.  so I pee, and I try to find something to distract my mind so that those two whole minutes of waiting don't last 87 hours, but then, oh my gaga, immediately there are two lines!  I almost didn't believe it, but I forced myself to save the second test for the morning...  you know, just to make sure.

Christmas eve morning.  absolutely two lines.  now what do I tell the hubs?  we hadn't even really decided whether or not we were gonna try again...   so I tell my mom and she thinks its a great idea to wrap up the test and give it to wadae Christmas morning, and I figure its either gonna make it the best Christmas ever, or I will absolutely ruin his day.  so I wrapped it up and gave it to him and everyone found out Christmas day, he was happy.  :)

so I have a million embarrassing stories to write as well but I think this current entry is long enough with my yay I found out im pregnant story, so youll just have to wait to hear about all the unfortunate events that seem to happen to me when im harboring a human. 


hurry up and wait.

so my fam is going a on a roadtrip to visit family and we'll be gone longer than we ever have been since we've had the kiddos.  and let me tell you, it is actually really stressful to pack for two toddlers for two weeks.  i am POSITIVE i will not pack enough, which only means that i will absolutely overpack. 

and while trying to pack enough clothes, toys, diapers, and everything else a toddler might need, i am also determined to clean my entire house before we leave.  and not just clean, like scour, every toilet must be scrubbed, windows and mirrors windexed, all laundry completed, because really, who wants to come home to a messy house?  but i have gotten a little carried away.  while sweeping and cleaning the floors in the kitchen, i moved the table, buffet and water cooler to clean under and behind, but then i decided to go ahead and rearrange it all while my kitchen was already in disarray.  so of course my one hour kitchen clean up turned into like 3-4... 

and that got me thinking...  isnt it crazy that we go all out trying to clean our entire house before vacation so we dont come home to a hot mess?  i mean really, while my kids and husband are home, enjoying our house, im not all cray about it being totally clean.  but for us to not be here, it must be clean, for no one to enjoy!  it seems essential and crazy all at the same time.

so if you wanna stop by in a couple weeks when we'll be home, be prepared for a mess, but if you peek in the windows while we're gone- super clean!  ha! 

sidenote:  my kitchen looks awesome with the new arrangement.  totally worth it...  for now.  tonight at 3 am while im still awake trying to finish up the packing...  i may feel a little differently.


the happy baby.

In other news, I started a new blog to kinda follow the littlest one and some health issues were having...  It probably won't be as hilarious or casual as this one, but feel free to follow if you're interested.


But it totally won't hurt my feelings if you don't.  But he is really cute soooo....

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